Game Tester Video Games Jobs Review

Game tester/video games jobs, the thought of it brings up questions but most of all, doubt. At least, that went through my mind when an acquaintance of mine told me about it. I am sure you have the same feeling there if you have never heard of it before either.

Why game tester/video games jobs came to be

The gaming industry has grown to become over a $50 billion dollar business. I am sure you have seen a couple of games where they hired some well known actors in the game as Non Player Characters (NPC’s) or you can see them in short movies in between missions.

Game tester/video games jobs require gamers with or without a lot of gaming experience to test games and search for glitches, because programmers are not automatically gamers, you would be surprised.

Since the gaming industry is growing each year, it becomes more expensive for game developing companies to produce games that have mistakes in them.

Imagine online games with many players on their servers who experience these mistakes all the time. People talk and spread their complaints to their friends and on forums or blogs and this is a negative form of commerce.

What is the downside of game tester/video games jobs?

If you don’t want to use multiple consoles/computers (PC, XBOX360, PSP, PS3, Nintendo DS etc.), opportunities could be limited
You don’t get $150 an hour playing games like many reviewers/scammers claim. This is just a way they try to lure people to their product selling sites
Often it can be hard and long work
Your level of patience can be challenged at times, because sometimes you need to do one level or mission over and over again until you finally understand how to report the behavior of some bug
There is still a lot to do by yourself to obtain these jobs, but fortunately you will be guided step by step to do this

What is the upside of game tester/video games jobs?

You have a great excuse for why you play games so much
Salary varies from $10-$40 an hour. This depends on your experience and skills
You get to play the games before everyone else and on occasion you get to keep the games you test or you can buy them cheaper than retail
Sometimes you can work from home, then they will send you the game through mail and you only have to fill out a form which requires your opinion of different elements of the game, like: “What is your opinion of the tutorial, the menu, the game play or loading times”, things like that

Where to go from here

You need to be at least 15 years of age before you can apply for game tester jobs. There are a few sources you can check out to gather more information and these sources can teach you how to become a video game tester and a great one too.

If you wish to apply for these jobs or would like to have more information go to Game Tester Video Games Jobs.

All the luck to you and have a great day.

Hi all. My name is Ramesh Klinkert and I am a certified Life Success Consultant and business partner of Bob Proctor from the hit film ‘The Secret’. I dedicated my life to help others change their life in many ways!

The Effects of Online Games on Work Productivity

How does it happen?

There are many activities in multiple areas of interests that can be performed on the Internet, but playing games online is one of the most addicting. It’s true that some of them are great for playing as time wasters on short breaks. Nonetheless, others can require frequent logins, such as business management, strategy and RPG games. To keep playing such a game, people have to login daily or multiple times per day, at specific times, which interrupts them from their job and causes them to waste time on playing online games, instead of spending it to work.

How to prevent it

To limit the access of their employees to distracting online activities, many companies are using web filtering solutions that allow them to restrict access to any website they consider it may decrease the productivity of their staff and are not needed to do their jobs. As a result, companies tend to restrict the access to social networks, news websites, online flash games websites, video streaming websites and other online content considered to be distracting.

Derived from boredom, addiction as well as other reasons, employees strive to find other ways of accessing their favorite websites and online games. Among the most used methods are web proxies. By using a web proxy, employees are able to bypass restrictions imposed at work and visit otherwise unavailable websites. People that are severely addicted to their Internet habits, like social networking and games can often have problems keeping their jobs and relationships. There are also milder cases that can experience diminished performance at work among other effects.

To prevent their employees from wasting time surfing the web instead of working, some companies prefer to monitor the online traffic of their workers to see whether they’re using the Internet for productive purposes or not. This method is less aggressive and offers a certain degree of flexibility for employees, allowing them to moderately use the Internet for leisure. In this case, they can occasionally visit their favorite websites, social networks and even play online games, for short periods of time, during coffee or lunch breaks.

On the other hand, when performed with moderation, these online activities also have benefits. Sometimes people just need a quick break from whatever they were doing, to clear their mind and return to their task refreshed and relaxed. That is why restricting access to all leisure online activities in offices, schools and institutions can have negative effects. People will feel their freedom is severely limited and their employers don’t trust them.


The Internet has a lot to offer and not all is bad. In this case, like in many others, moderation is the key to success. Everyone needs to take a break from their chores, every once in a while. Nevertheless, long is that break and what you chose to do in that free time is very important. There’s nothing wrong if you use it to visit your favorite blogs or social networks and even play online games. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into an obsession. Such behavior can have an impact on your career and social life.

Paid To Play Online Games – In As Little As A Few Days With These 4 Special Tips!

You are about to learn how you can be paid to play online games and get started today with these 4 special tips!

Let’s get one thing straight. You can get paid to play games online, but there are two ways to do it:

1. Play in card games and tournaments and win prizes

2. Test video games for game developers

Playing card games and winning prizes is pretty hard. It is not a safe way to get paid to play online games. Any site that tries to sell you a program like this is total scam.

This article is about #2: testing video games and getting paid as a quality assurance (QA) game tester. You are going to learn 4 special tips to find and get hired for these jobs—and how you can start looking today!

Also, the upward income of game testers who get paid to play online games is around $120 an hour. MMORPGs are a big deal. World of Warcraft has 8 million users. Shipping a game with bugs costs millions of dollars to recall and fix. Paying a professional game tester to play their game and find bugs saves them millions of dollars in costly recalls.

Tip 1: Look where the action is

Make a list of all the game developers you can (like Sega, Microsoft, EA, 2K sports etc) and bookmark their websites. Then, check them every few days and look for job postings. If you do this for a days or weeks, you should spot your first job opening soon enough. There are lots of games being made.

Tip 2: Find out who is responsible for hiring

Get the first and last name of the person in charge of hiring. You want to get to know this person on a semi-personal basis. Send him (or her) a personalized letter followed by a phone call. Remember you are there to test games. No education is required, but you must sell your ability to:

1. Communicate clearly

2. Spot details

3. Play for long hours

Tip 3: Offer to work for free

You can get paid to play online games. In fact you can make a good living testing video games. But you need to start somewhere. If you offer to work for free you will have an easier time getting hired for your first job, especially when you have no experience.

Do a good job and you will have a great addition for your resume. Plus you will have a great reference and a source for future work.

Tip 4: Stand out

Send them a unique letter. Mail an empty game case with a plastic bug in it. Put a note that says “Don’t let your name game get ruined by bugs, give me a call…” That would make them remember you!

Now you know where to look, and how to get started. The only thing stopping you now is yourself. If you really want to get paid to play online games you will go out there and make it happen. Best of luck, and happy gaming.

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Anthony has been an avid gamer for the past 20 years. He is currently into first person shooters.

Video Game Jobs Make Money

I wasn’t too sure what I would do with my life during or even after going to school. Growing up I always switched up what I wanted to do as a job or career. Back and forth between several things I was never too sure or set on what I wanted to do. One thing me, and all of my friends included did do was play video games. Hardcore gamers we always used to like to call ourselves. Even to this day there are hundreds of online game community’s with millions of members actively playing off and online.

When video games first came out I don’t think anyone ever thought about multiplayer video games being played over the internet and across the world. That’s how it is now of days people are playing nonstop in online tournaments. There is even game testing or game jobs. This is something every video gamer would love to do.

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for doing something they love to do. If you’re working doing something you love it’s not a job, it is a career. That’s what is professional, that’s what everyone on the world should do is have a career not just a job. I mean I know so many people that are working 40 hours per week at a job and then coming home and playing hours more of online. What they need to do is devote their full attention to what they really care about. This will result in a much better product being created. Doing this could even help the economy. Really if you work at doing what you love you’ll spend extra time earning more money being more productive in society.

Online Computer Jobs

If you have a degree of any type in computers, you have a lot of options out there for employment. You may work in IT for any variety of companies, as almost all use computers today. You can have your own shop so you can fix messed up machines for those in your local area, or you could find some online computer jobs. If you have always wanted to work from home and set your own schedule, and you have an education in computers, this might be something you can find. It can pay very well too, depending on your level of experience and what you can do.

Online computer jobs are often in programming and website design. You could freelance your skills to build and maintain websites for those that want them, but neither have the skills or the time to mess around with building, updating, and troubleshooting. You can take on just one, or you can take on quite a few if you can keep up with the work. You can usually set your own hours with this type of computer work, but you will have to respond right away if the site crashes or if something else needs fixed so that the site is functional once again.

If you want to get into programming more complicated sites and activities, you may want to see if an online game company is looking for help, and will allow you to work from home. Games are huge on social networks right now, and have always been a staple of online activities for many people. Some of these games are simple and others are very graphically intense and the play is intricate. Programmers are needed to build, maintain, and update these games. If you love gaming, this type of online computer jobs is perfect for you.

Some online computer jobs are really not online. That is what you have to look at when you apply. They can be for work that appears online, but you may have to go to a physical location to work. Google employs a lot of people, but most of them work in their offices. They may have some at home workers, but most of them are probably not working at home. Some of these jobs are ones you could do from home, but you should find out first. You may have to be in a major urban area where a company has offices for some of these jobs.

You have to be professional when you take online computer jobs, even if you are working from home. In order to be productive, you need a work space that is just for your job, and privacy so that you can concentrate when you need to be working. If you have children running around, this can be hard if you do not have the quiet that you need. Set your own hours, but make sure they are hours you are really concentrating on work. No matter what you do, never answer the phone with children screaming in the background or allow a lot of interruptions.

Video Game Jobs – A Bright Outlook

It is no secret that the US and the world are suffering one of the worst, or, perhaps, the worst recession of our lifetime. The credit crunch is the main cause that toppled the banks and led to millions of home foreclosure. Those who are just graduating from high school or college may have a confusing time finding a career path.

The Video Game Industry is Hot!

But despite the financial doomsday we are experiencing, one notable sector of the consumer market continues to expand — the video games. While almost everything is down, the video game industry is booming.

If you’re someone interested in video game jobs, continue reading and take note.

According to, Gamestop CEO, Dan DeMatteo, “The video game business continues to enjoy robust growth, making it the fastest growing of the many consumer goods categories.” His company expects to see a sales growth of 10% to 12% for 2009. Gamestop is a boutique video game retailer favored by many gamers.

They’re not alone in optimism when it comes to retail growth of video games. In a press release, Game Doc is expanding their operation by offering franchise opportunities in the hot growth market. “Achieving double-digit growth in this tough economy is further proof that video games are the most popular form of entertainment in the country,” said Jim Belanger, president of Gamer Doc.

The Video Game Phenomenon is Growing in New Markets

The popularity of video games is not just growing in the US and other traditionally western countries, but in China as well. According to, broadband access is rapidly expanding within China. Because of it, online gaming is booming. China’s 2008 $1.79 billion gaming industry revenue is expected to rise to $2.3 billion in 2009. The industry’s growth rate is projected to top 20% over each of the next few years.

Video Games are the New Popular Entertainment

The growth of video games during these hard times is not unusual. More than ever, escapism is needed so that we may remain sane. The same trend happened during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Back then, the movie industry boomed and gave rise to entertainment stalwarths such as Universal Pictures and The Walt Disney Company.

Top Video Game Releases in 2009

For 2009, there are a handful of highly anticipated video game release that will push the sales projections up and make the exuberant estimates a reality. These titles include:

Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) – March 13
God of War III (PlayStation 3) – TBA
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars (Nintendo DS) – March 17
Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360, PS3) – February 17
Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360, PS3) – TBA
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) – Fall 2009
Halo Wars (Xbox 360) – February 28
Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) – TBA

Great Opportunities in Video Game Jobs

When it comes to video games, the future is certainly brighter than most consumer markets. Of course, the future is just as bright for video game jobs.

The field is still growing and there are markets that are not yet being fully realized. Two established fields come to mind: online gaming and mobile gaming.

Despite MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games) being around for years, it still remains a niche market. With the increasing broadband access, HD TV, and living room consoles such as the WII, MMORPGs are yet to hit the mainstream. And when it does, the video game market will experience yet another boom. Additionally, mobile device gaming continues to grow as the iPhone and its competitors become more integrated into mainstream consumption.

In conclusion, the video game industry is currently a bright spot in our dismal economy and it will continue to do so for many more years to come.

The author is a web producer and writes freelance on various topics such as “geeky” interests in cool Marvel statues and career tips on game and art design.

Best Uses For Online Games

Online games may seem like a waste of time to many, but they actually fulfill a purpose that goes well beyond their initial one. You may always feel guilty every time that you catch yourself playing a game, but before you do, consider this: games can actually help you become a more capable person. Someone who is able to tackle all the goals and demands of life and turn out a better person because of it. Many studies have been done in recent years that attest to this fact. So the next time you feel guilty for stealing a few moments to play your favorite online game, consider all of the ways that it gives back to you, especially in the following everyday uses:

1. To have fun

Life is full of difficult challenges and demands. You need your escape every now and then, and if you choose to allow games as that escape, you get just that in a manner that is fun and exciting. While fun and excitement will not pay the bills, it will certainly “keep you going” and serve as a positive morale booster in the long term. But if having fun alone is not enough to earn your respect, don’t worry. Online gaming has more to recommend it than something so frivolous.

2. Mind stimulants

How many times have you caught yourself zoning out in front of the computer not wanting to get to that next task that your boss demands from you? Anyone who has ever worked an office job can probably relate. But think, for a minute, if you didn’t have some way to escape the monotony. Your brain would cloud. Your focus would be non existent. The work that your boss demands you should be doing would suffer in a big way. Scientists now understand that a game break in between tasks can help to keep the mind active and give the employee a chance to work out problems that are still bouncing around the walls of his head.

3. Multi tasking

Multi tasking, or doing more than one thing at a time, effectively, is essential in the 21st Century marketplace. Even the most tried and true business people understand this. Employees that cannot multi task quickly vanish into obscurity and impotency. Science has proven that individuals, who routinely play games, even games while on the job, demonstrate a better ability and willingness to multi task. They are also less likely to waste as much time throughout the day as those, who do not play games.

With all the things that online gaming has to recommend it, what reason could you have to not make it a part of your day? It may be fun on the surface, but it can lead to a better you.

Playing Games is a great way to pass the time between jobs or just to blow off a stress free day. If you really want to have fun, Online Games give you instant access, often times free of charge. Visit our site to learn more about how you can take advantage today.

Multiplayer Video Game Jobs – Wait Till You Get a Load of This!

Dreaming about multiplayer video game jobs?

Imagining what your career short term and long term would be involved in something that you KNOW is just in its infancy even though it has very quietly gone from a $2.2 billion dollar industry in 1999 to an amazing $55.5 billion dollar industry in 2009 (projected)?

Multiplayer video game jobs are clearly NOT in abundance every time you head on over to or Hotjobs and do a quick search…but that is CHANGING.

The industry itself is recognizing that its appeal is even far wider than they originally thought. And they have opened up the thinking approaches necessary to create direct marketing of these games to gamers across the globe.

If you have an entrepreneurial drive that keeps you awake at night…if the thought of company cafeteria coffee makes you need to almost vomit, then you could be the right person at the very right time.

People everywhere are jumping on the new way to offer others the chance to play these online multiplayer games for FREE! They are doing so with replicated sites and they are simply sending their Facebook and MySpace friends on over for FREE TRIALS.

Those that are interested in playing more, pay.

And when they pay, guess who gets paid?


No bugging friends and family for anything. No pleading for people to believe in your pills or potions or new debt relief strategies that are going to “rid the world of debt”…this in online multiplayer we’re talking about here and we all know what’s happening there.

Or do we?

Here’s something you may seriously want to consider as you seek out these multiplayer video game jobs. The one company that actually started this trend, STILL HAS YET to release the greatest game in the known world!

Online multiplayer soccer is coming, folks, and it is coming with huge draw attached right to it.

Online multiplayer soccer will arrive here in 2009 and it will, the moment it touches down, change the financial lives of a ton of people.

My advice, get in now. Rush in now. Break down doors and cancel flights to start here now.

PS…the cancel flights thing was just me getting a bit nuts. You keep that flight if you absolutely have to!

Online Game Testing Jobs

There are many people who tend to choose the career game testing these days. It is because they can earn very good money in very short time with these jobs. There are different ways through which you can look for the jobs of game testers. Internet is one of the best ways which can help you to find real game testing job. There are lots of online sites which have information about these jobs.

These websites like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox and many others are normally produced by the games companies. You can find video game testing job by searching and surfing these sites. It can be sometimes very difficult for you to find real video game testing jobs as there are plenty of these sites which are scams. Therefore you should be very careful while searching on these to get right job for you. You can also find guide on these websites to find good video game testing job.

You can get help from the guide of video game tester jobs on internet which contains information about of postings on the monthly basis. You can learn everything about the responsibilities of the video game testers to find good jobs. It has become very easy for the testers to find online game testing jobs which they can do very easily from their home. It is one of the best and easiest ways to find the jobs of game testers. You can earn very good money with these jobs as well.

The Benefits of Playing Online Games

In recent years, there has been a lot of hype about how bad it is for kids to be constantly playing online games. It has been said that kids today who play online games are withdrawing from social contact with the rest of their peers. It has also been said that playing games online takes away from their physical activity. Another point that has been brought up suggests that kids are learning less by participating in playing games online.

Although there is some element of truth to all of those things, there are also benefits kids can achieve by participating in online games. Although kids may not be face-to-face with other kids their own age, they are interacting through the electronic chats that accompany most games. Also they are being exposed to all different types of kids, as well as kids from different cultures that they may not have a chance to interact with in their present environment. Kids playing these internet games are learning to get along with different sorts of people and learn about different cultures, within a fun environment. They are also learning to give and take, as in sharing, when they play the games, because often when playing with others, they have to wait their turn to fight an enemy or rely on another player to help them destroy their foe.

The next point about physical activity may be truer. It is true that kids may spend more time sitting in front of their computer than in playing street hockey, as children in the past used to do. But there are games out there that are now taking this into consideration, like the physically active games of the WII system. You should also consider though, that playing internet games increases your child’s hand-eye coordination, so playing the online games is actually teaching them a skill that is akin to playing basketball or hockey, in a more real world where hand-eye coordination may come in handy as a job seeking skill.

The last point suggested was that children are learning less by sitting in front of their computer playing games, that they are using up their reading and learning time in just playing games. When you consider that as a very young child, the best way to teach them new things is to make the learning fun. Thus the internet games creates a fun environment for a child to learn. Not all the games are fights and killing. As mentioned, the kids learn a lot about hand-eye coordination. They also learn to share and take turns, in other words patience in dealing with others.

The internet is a great learning tool and a tool that will take children into their future. A child that plays online games must learn how to use the internet, which is a necessary skill to perfect in today’s high-tech job world. Also, a certain amount of research is necessary for some of the games. And some of the games, war games for instance, teach a bit of history and military strategy. These all add to a child’s cognitive learning abilities.

Playing online games also teaches a child to use his imagination. They must visualize the world that they play in, remember passageways, figure out how to defeat an enemy, and use their mind in other ways.

So there are benefits to children playing online games. You may not realize that they are learning, interacting and gaining skills which are important in their future world.

It is always up to a parent how much time they allow their children to spend playing online games. It is good to balance their game time with other activities, but playing online games does have its benefits too.